“My Mother’s Clothes” is performed in a series of connected monologues, set in Peavey's late mother's condominium in 2008. For months, Peavey avoided wading through her mother's things. But when the condo sells, she's forced to reckon with its contents. In this newly revised and restaged version, as Peavey revisits her childhood and then her mother's old age and decline, she is forced to confront the difficult issue of what it means to be a caregiver, both on the giving and receiving end. Fear not, there are still laughs galore and all the delicious "Mad Men"-era period detail. But in this version, Peavey takes an unflinching look at the question: What does a parent owe a child, and what does a daughter owe her mother?

My Mother’s Clothes was awarded the 2013 Maine Literary Award for Best Drama.