“My Mother’s Clothes” is 90-minutes long and performed in a series of connected monologs by Peavey as she confronts the following: Losing a parent is difficult enough. Losing your final parent presents an additional challenge: What are you supposed to do with all your family's stuff? For months, she avoided wading through her late mother's things. But when her mom's condo sells, she's forced to reckon with its contents. As she does, objects surface, triggering memories from her childhood. Possessions she once thought would be easy to chuck - the Polynesian hors d'oeuvre platter, the outdated evening coat from Bernie’s Fashions, the tea cups and milk glass - suddenly take on epic stature, forcing the question: How do we know when to let go?

My Mother’s Clothes Are Not My Mother was awarded the 2013 Maine Literary Award for Best Drama.