Writing Coach/Editing

Bad copy is easier to edit than air. The only way to start is to start.


Individual counsel, small writing groups, lecture halls – you name it. I can tailor my teaching services to your particular needs.


From full-length books to mash notes and anything in between, I will punch up your prose and make your message or manuscript sparkle. 


I used to read people’s stuff for free all the time, but my friend Bonnie says I can’t do that anymore. 


I am also available to work one-on-one to help nurture your writing.


I generally have you send me a first chapter or a few representative pages, and I evaluate them to see where you are in terms of the writing. I don't take on clients if I feel they need to do more work on their own before presenting to an editor or would benefit from group work first. But if we choose to move forward, I will mark up those pages like crazy, pass them back to you and then suggest that you take my critiques, edits and comments and apply them to the rest of your manuscript before passing any more pages onto me. All writers tend to repeat ticks and flaws in their work. The cleaner the copy you present, the faster I work, the lower my fee. If you are concerned with structure and big-picture stuff, I advise you to send me an outline and synopsis rather than having me read the entire work. We can talk about specific roadblocks you're facing or big-picture issues that might be holding you back, and hopefully we get you the clarity you need to move forward. Sometimes just one session is enough to set you on your way when you're stuck.

We can move forward as swiftly or leisurely as you like. I find it best to work in small spurts. I keep you abreast of where I am throughout the process, so you'll know where I am. All of this is constructed to make every moment I'm with your pages the most worthwhile for both of us.

Glowing references and evaluations available upon request.